Life with a PWD

Portuguese Water Dogs are happiest when they have a job and, thankfully, today’s dog sports, competitions, and family activities provide our working dogs with outlets for their remarkable drive. The capable minds and agile bodies readily take on different tasks, but training a PWD is not without challenges. Gifted with an innate sense of humor, PWDs will often interpret tasks in their own unique ways! Qualities of life with a PWD are likely to include the following:

Companionship: they love to be with you, as much as possible, indoors, outdoors, in the car, on a walk, running errands, simply with you.

Mischief: they are playful, clever and out of sight is in trouble!

Food Motivated: great training method is to reward with food, and yes, this also might mean surfing your counter when your back is turned.

Affection: Water Dogs will sleep at your feet as you work at your desk, or as you watch a movie.

Fun: PWD’s love to bring fun and play into your daily life!

Grooming: Brushing is critical, and bathing too. Make time for brushing their coat, and learning the proper techniques for grooming.

Family: PWD’s become not just a member of the family, they are the heart of the family.

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