The levels of improvement in this arena are staggering over the past decade. From kibble to canned to home prepared, the choices to a dog owner are varied and of far greater quality than ever available in the past. Do your homework. Try different things. Trust your instincts. Variation is good for your dog. Imagine living your entire life eating only one thing.

I am an advocate of a raw based whole food diet for our dogs. My dogs have eaten raw since they were about 16 weeks of age. I use a combination of home prepared meals and several frozen raw meat complete based diets available now commercially. My goals are high quality ingredients that are organic if possible (or at least antibiotic and hormone free proteins). I like to vary the ingredients utilizing the benefits of diversity.

My advice is to buy the best quality food that you can afford. Read labels. Examine the ingredients carefully. Are the proteins pure or byproducts? Are the ingredients organic or hormone and pesticide free? Learn about what your dog likes and dislikes. Read Whole Dog Journal. I will recommend that again and again. You will find a link to their website on my links page. It is an excellent and non-commercially biased journal that is committed to the wellness of all of our companion animals. Your dog will benefit and your vet bills will be diminished. Proper nutrition is the most essential component to your dogs health.

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