Happy Third Birthday to the Far Away Stars of Quidnet

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!  Love love love these puppies.  Have some wonderful stories to share.  Ahab is a snow lover and spends his weekends in the mountains of VT.  He will return to Nantucket in July and get to play with all of his extended family.  Zeke, a full time Nantucket boy, spent January and February traveling west and playing in CA and CO.  Echo, now a western MA girl, has turned her home into “casa tastrophe” and cannot wait to return to the water now that its summer.  Draco came into Manhattan a few weeks ago for a visit, and is such a handsome boy.  Phoenix, Percy and Atticus,  wishing you and all of your siblings the best of days ahead.  Stay in touch, and go to flickr to see more current photos!  Love to all. Ahab and Anniehttp://www.flickr.com/photos/farawaywaterdog/collections/72157633185343117/

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  1. Jeffrey Speiser

    We live in upstate NY now (Orange County) and Atticus loves it. He is incredibley gregarious and has made friends with all the local dogs and people and would make friends with the deer and rabbitts if he wasn’t held back when he tries to run after them. He is very active and healthy and sends a hello to his brothers and sister.

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