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Happy Summer!


Hello Far Away friends:

Apologies for so little posting from us. We are busy with summer activities, swimming, puppies and setting up our life on the Far Away island. Hestia and Ditto’s pups, Fiver/Feta, Bluebelle and Violet are so much FUN! Feta is now living in RI with Olive (his 5 year old aunt, Stella and Spencer daughter) and his people Alyson and Eric. They are now all playing together up in Maine. Fun summertime. I never know if I will breed another litter, so enjoying each one in the moment is part of the magic.

I was reminded by Alyson this week of one of the simplest training guidelines. Give your dog a chance to figure out what you are asking for when you are training. Don’t repeat a command, or do anything, just give them some time to problem solve. It can be another moment of magic when they see the power of problem solving. Use your marker (clicker or “yes” or something that is clear) and mark immediately when they offer you the behavior you want. Otherwise, wait and allow them to offer you a variety of behaviors until they hit the magic spot.

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  1. Hello. I wasn’t clear from your posting if you currently have a litter. I am looking for a pwd

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