Happy First Birthday Moonstruck Pups!

Happy Days Wishing Tucker, Sirocco, Millie, Hinckley & Owen the best of days today! Hestia is home busy with her four week olds and I cannot believe its been a year. Tucker is living large in Atlanta and Cashiers (where he lives on a lake with boats, swimming etc). Sirocco is a busy young man training in conformation and in agility. He is a strong competitor in the breed ring, and will compete soon in the Greenwich weekend! Millie has spent her winter in Florida making a lot of new friends. Hinckley has some experience with wood working on his people’s chair legs, but otherwise is a very good boy. And Mr. Owen is keeping his best friend, Starr, and his person Stephanie very happy in NJ. Thanks to you folks for taking such loving care of these dear pups.

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