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Happy Birthday Lyricals

Stella & Spencer’s pups are now FIVE We love our Stella and Spencer pups. Spencer celebrated his eleventh birthday earlier this week, and his 9 Stella pups are one of his gifts to us all. Simon, the first born of this pack, keeps my brother company and is devoted to his Magical Mini! Olive Rose lives the life of Riley on water in RI. Paolo is a vineyard boy in Napa with the Sinskey’s. Chaos is healthy and happy in Boston. River plays in the water and woods of CT. Argos has a family with three children to raise on LI and is one busy boy. Renzo is a Manhattan boy with twin grandchildren growing up with him. Ruby, who looks so much like her mum Stella, earned her AKC Breed title this year. Ruby happily lives in NH walking daily with her person Nin and sister Bella. Happy Days to you all dear pups and people.

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  1. Olive wishes everyone a Happy Happy Birthday! She enjoyed her special day with a long hike and her favorite birthday muffins….xoxoxo

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