Happy 6th Birthday Magical 7 Pups

Wow, six years together, the Magical 7 pups, and their people. What a gift from Stella (CH Rough Seas’ Estrela da Lua OA AXJ OF AWD SROM) and Boo! (CH Sea Sprite’s Trick or Treat AOM). Far Away’s first puppies, born on Nantucket, and the beginning of a growing family of Far Away Water Dog. Luna, Harry, Mini, Hermione, Hestia, Nymphadora Tonks and Sirius Black, you are seven truly magical pups.

This morning, I joined my neighbor for a 30 mile bike race (Tour de Loop), and was cheered along the way by a Far Away pup, Zeke, Mini’s son born here in 2010. My brother, Ken, shared Mini with us that summer and let her raise her own pups. That gave seven bright stars. Ahab, another Mini son, came to visit for a week this summer. Hestia’s son, Fiver, brought Olive (Stella/Spencer daughter) and her people back to visit us on island this summer…and joined their family giving Olive her very own playmate. It is such a gift being a part of the lives of these very special dogs and people.

Luna has crossed the rainbow bridge and we miss her; but are grateful that she too gave back with a litter of her own pups. So the Magical 7 have added 23 more pups into families around the country and are the hearts of those families too. Harry is a healthy boy, AKC breed champion, and happily lives on Nantucket 6 months of the year. Hermionikki, the brightest witch of her age is also the most photogenic and thanks to her dear Deb for sharing those photos so generously. Dora Tonks and Sirius Black are living with their families on Long Island and often share photos. These photos and update are so appreciated!

Happy Happy Birthday wishes to all of you Magic Pups. Be good, be clever and may you have a perfect summer day of play, swimming and filet mignon!


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