Big Big and Bigger

News of 3 busy pups Hestia and Ditto’s puppies work tirelessly every day now exploring new places, tastes and textures.  They have walked on stone, tile, carpet, fleece, synthetic grass and wood flooring.  They have played with people from every decade 10’s to 70’s.  They have seen hats, a cane, sunglasses, dark hair, blonde hair, grey hair (duh), boys, girls, light skin and dark skin. On Saturday’s they listen to the Metropolitan Opera, but otherwise hear NPR, classical music and jazz.  During kitchen time, they listen to my Vita-Mix, the food processor, the vacuum, the disposal and my tea kettle.  When playing in my bathroom, they listen to the shower, my hair dryer and play on a very slick marble tile.  This past Saturday we played in the rain storm and ate dinner while thunder was rumbling close by!  That was a real party. Hestia is such a good mom, and continues to allow nursing despite the very real needle teethed piranha’s that they have become.  Oh yes, teeth, teeth and very sharp teeth are a current reality.  Everything goes in their mouths, and sometimes gets them a loud “ouch!”  Ball play has begun, and tug, well, that is a given.  Growls, barks and trills are such a hoot.  I hope you were able to take a look at the video of the three playing on their new wobble board.  That is a trip to watch. Thanks for following us here, on facebook and flickr. I will be adding more photos tonight (now that our Nutmeg and PCOTC agility trial is complete!).

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