Play in the cool sweet grasses

Happy Summer!

Hello Far Away friends: Apologies for so little posting from us. We are busy with summer activities, swimming, puppies and setting up our life on the Far Away island. Hestia and Ditto’s pups, Fiver/Feta, Bluebelle and Violet are so much FUN! Feta is now living in RI with Olive (his 5 year old aunt, Stella …

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Big & Busy

Cars, tests & fun Our three pups are rocking. Since our last post, here are some of the new experiences. Drive to CT for eye exams and CERF tests. Temperament testing in new place with new people and new objects. Thunderstorms and rain showers with party time and meal time combined. Chair climbing, slide climbing …

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Big Big and Bigger

News of 3 busy pups Hestia and Ditto’s puppies work tirelessly every day now exploring new places, tastes and textures.  They have walked on stone, tile, carpet, fleece, synthetic grass and wood flooring.  They have played with people from every decade 10’s to 70’s.  They have seen hats, a cane, sunglasses, dark hair, blonde hair, …

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In Motion

Lapping and WalkingHappy Sunday here, with a wonderful late morning outdoors on the terrace. Hazel and Bluebell are such good lappers, eating from a bowl! They like goat milk kefir and warm goat milk with an egg yolk. Fiver, the man of many firsts, was not the first in the food bowl, as Hestia is …

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Sunday Sunday

Playmates! Hazel, Bluebell and Fiver are discovering one another and me! Paws are batting towards one another and wobbling around the box. This is one of the most fun stages, watching these new lives discover that there is a world beyond them. They are barely strong enough to lift their tubby selves, but are learning …

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